Capitama was launched with the aim to make it easier to raise capital and invest in interesting opportunities. The rise of deal-by-deal investing to support venture capital backed businesses and new private equity firms means there is a growing alignment for what sophisticated investors want – which is to have the full discretion on what they invest in and the teams which they back. The increasing number of scale-ups in the UK and Europe means that these companies need access to capital that isn’t available from the venture capital community alone so we are helping them raise capital efficiently so they can concentrate on building their businesses and allow wider access to these exciting companies.

The Capitama platform therefore enables deal sponsors to manage their entire marketing process, providing communication via a private messaging system and a data room controlled by solely by the deal sponsor. This allows a deal sponsor to find interested investors as efficiently as possible, arrange meetings and provide sufficient information where necessary to enable them to make an investment decision.

Capitama is built to sit alongside a more traditional capital raising process and as such no payments go through the platform as it is expected deal sponsors have their own investment process typically managed by legal advisors.

The founders of Capitama have an extensive network of global investors and Sponsors can decide what groups they market to depending on how much they are raising and the type of investor they are looking for. The full list of investor types is as follows: